2014 Training Ideas

I have kicked off some strength training for the month of January to build up some leg and core strength.  Last year when I was in the Chequamegon 40 and riding the Color Tour, I felt good from a cardio stand point, but felt low on leg strength and fatigued my muscles early in the climbs.  I just didn’t have the leg strength to muscle up the climbs like I thought I should, or at least climb after climb.  I will need this strength if I end up racing in the Lutsen 99er or improve my time in the Chequamegon 40 this year.

This year, I intend to keep some portion of strength training going throughout the year.  Looking back, I think this will be very easy to do.  If you look me up on Strava, you will see that I am more of a recreational athlete.  I have a full time job and a family, so I have to work my training around everything else in life.  Last summer, I road my bike a couple times a week plus some additional riding on some trips that I took.  I think this summer, I could do the same amount of riding, add some running and strength training in and drastically improve my performance.

I know I can easily fit in the strength training.  The only reason I don’t ride my bike more, is because it would take too much time away from my wife and kids.  I can do the strength training at home while watching the kids play.  I just need to choose to do it instead of “relaxing”.  The additional running should also be an easy addition to the mix.  I can add a day a week during lunch break from work and a longer run on the weekend.  I can ride one of the weekend days and run the other weekend day.

I’m learning to balance training and family.  I have this thirst for going faster so I am also still learning how to balance this with everything else in life that I am also passionate about.  I’ll write some articles later, sharing how I incorporate my wife and kids into my cycling.

What are some of your new training ideas for this year?

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