Do Something Epic This Year

This is your year to do something Epic.  We are in January right now and you have an entire year ahead of you.  Do yourself a favor and spend some time in the month of January searching out some endurance events that take place later in the year.  Write down a few that will challenge you a little more than you have challenged yourself in the past.  By the end of February decide which event(s) you are going to do and get yourself signed up as soon as registration opens.  Hang that registration some place that you can see it.

Epic for you may mean something different than what Epic means for me or anyone else.  To me, it is doing something that maybe right now you are not sure you are ready for or able to do yet.  In 2012, for me that was finishing the Insanity 60 day challenge and running a local 5K trail race.  In 2013, it was racing in the Chequamegon 40 and riding in the Copper Country Color Tour.  I may actually ride in the same 2 events this year, but I am scoping out some other events to add to the list.  The point is, you get to define what Epic means for you and then go chase it.  Believe me, you’ll hit a moment in the middle of some event or adventure that you will realize you are having an Epic moment.

I’m still young enough that I hope to improve my speed and distance year over year for the next several years at least.  If you are older, maybe Epic for you is completing something you did 10, 20 or 30 years ago.  Maybe it is just finishing some event.  Maybe Epic for you this year is the same as it was for me in 2012, and that was completing a local 5K race.  If that is what your goal is this year, then you need to search one out and get yourself signed up as soon as you can.  Get ready for it and make the best 5K of your life.  I promise, you will be glad you did and you will redefine Epic for yourself.  Maybe Epic for you isn’t running or cycling at all.  Maybe it is completing a hike you’ve always dreamed of or climbing a mountain.  Go figure out what that is and get it booked.  It is up to you to define your Epic moment of 2014.

What are your Epic plans for 2014?


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