Finding Your Winter Endurance Exercise

Do you live in snow country?  Have you found your winter endurance training activities?  I found mine just a few weeks ago; cross country skiing. My summer activities are mainly mounting biking or road biking.  I will occasionally run or hike, but I love the bicycle. I’ve always struggled in the winter months as I don’t have a Fat Bike and I really don’t like running on a treadmill.  I’ve looked at Fat Bikes, but entry level is near $2,000.  I was always interested in cross country skiing, but never really lived in an area that had many trails.  After moving to Minnesota, I am certainly surrounded by ski trails.


I decided a few weeks ago that I wasn’t going to spend the money on a Fat Bike and instead, I would go ahead and get myself set up with an entry level set of classic style cross country skis.  It was the best decision I made.  I’ve had the skis now for just a couple of weeks and I have been out on them 5 times now.  I’ve actually used them on trails in 3 different states; Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  I’m really looking forward to next winter on the skis.

I have to admit, I really struggled this winter with my exercise and keeping up my fitness.  I put on a few pounds and just could not get in the right groove.  I don’t like to do the same thing twice, so the cross country skiing seemed to fit.  There are plenty of trails in the area that are groomed, so I will always have a new place to go.  My family and I love to travel, so I can bring my skis on our winter trips to try new trails.  I will get the kids some skis for next year, now that I have had the chance to check out the sport.

The point of this short article is that if you are in a rut, you need to take a chance and try something new.  As much as I wanted a Fat Bike, and I would still love to have one, it was really nice to mix things up and get some exercise in a different sport.  I will write another article in the future about mixing up your training to keep it exciting.  I can say that in the last 3 days; I have cross country skied, did strength and core training and ran.  It’s exciting to me to mix things up.

What do you do in the winter months for exercise?

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