One More Race Before The Year Ends

I decided to go ahead and enter one last race for the year tomorrow. My first race of the season was the St Croix Falls, Woolly Mountain Bike Marathon Race. I placed 28th out of 39. I feel like I am faster now than I was at the beginning of the year and hope to prove that tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be entering the Red Wing Classic Mountain Bike Marathon Race.

The Marathon Race is a new race this year for the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series. It is a 4 hour race. Your finishing place is decided by the number of laps you do and the finish time of your last counted lap. You are not allowed to start another lap after the 3 hour and 30 minute mark and your last lap must be completed before 4 hours for it to count.

I like the endurance events and I would consider this to be a short endurance event. The difference in a race like this versus a race like the Lutsen 99er or Chequamegon 40 is that these races tend to me more technical in nature since they are on single track vs the gravel riding in the Lutsen 99er and Chequamegon 40.

I am looking forward to seeing where I stand tomorrow. I hope there is a good turn out like there was at the St. Croix Falls Woolly Race. Watch my Twitter account for a link to my Live Track and you can follow me live during the race. Come back later and look for my post race article. Until then, keep on riding!

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