The Endurance Path Podcast Launch

Endurance Path is finally going audio!

I’ve had thoughts of doing my own podcast for quite some time, even before previously co-hosting on the Last Aid Station. The timing never seemed right and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it before it eventually fell off the back of my plate. Well, I finally decided to kick it off and feel like I have a good plan for it. I think it is a slightly different approach than what you’ll typically find out there and will make following along with my articles and reports, much easier. I plan to keep it informal, open, thoughtful and off the cuff… Hope you enjoy it!

The Endurance Path Podcast – First Episode

The first episode is out, but it’s just a short intro with some explanation of what to expect with the show going forward. It’s live in iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher! Don’t forget to subscribe to get the upcoming episodes.

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Download the first episode – Right Click and Hit Download

Podcast Episode Plans

Race Reports

I plan to kick the show off by going back in time and releasing audio versions of my previous race reports, with some additional commentary to go along with them. They’ll be released in a series per year. For example the first one will be the 2014 Endurance Path Race Report Series and then I’ll move on to the 2015 series and then 2016 until I get caught up to the current 2017 races and will keep them current after that going forward.

Monthly Reports

Each month, I’ll also kick out an audio version of my monthly training recaps, tips, race plans, etc… with some additional thoughts and commentary over what you’ll find in my written format.

Race Preparation

I’ve put out a couple race preparation posts in the past and even a video at one point. I will put some of this out on the podcast as well as I prepare for various races.

Training Reports

You may have seen some of my nerdy training reports in the past and I’ll release an audio format of those as well with some additional commentary. I know those can sometimes be a little tough to read and an audio format might be handy.


I get questions from folks that read my blog about various races I’ve done or training that I might be doing. I might have some dedicated episodes just to answer some of these questions. So, if you have any questions or comments for the podcast… Send them to me via e-mail:


I have been building out some resource pages and I might put some episodes together to cover various resources that I think might be helpful for fitness, endurance, training, etc…


If I blog about something… I’ll probably release a podcast to go along with it.


Yeh, there will be some interviews in the future. I’ll probably wait till I get all my race reports caught up though. Regardless, there will be a lot of good stuff to listen to and when I do get around to the interviews… I have some plans/thoughts on the interviews to mix them up from what you typically hear on a podcast. Lots of people are doing interviews and I intend to bring you something a little different.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this and thanks for reading and now “tunning in”. -Steve

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