Podcast Series: Revisiting 2014 Race Reports – 3 New Episodes

My race reports have typically been the reason for people visiting my website in the first place. With that in mind, I’m kicking off the new podcast by going back in time with some audio and additional commentary on my race reports from previous years. These are the 3 reports that you will find in the 2014 series… They are separate episodes, but I’m loading them all up at about the same time so you have a few shows to pick from while I’m getting this podcast rolling.

You can listen to each individual episode below, or of course hit the banner links to tune in at iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or just look in any of your other favorite podcast apps. I’ve also included a link to the original race reports under each episode player below, incase you want to read it as well. I’ll go back and update those reports with each podcast episode soon. Enjoy!

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The New Episodes

My First Lusten 99er

Read the original race report: My First Lutsen 99er

My Second Chequamegon 40

Read the original race report: My Second Chequamegon 40

The Red Wing Classic 4 Hr Lap Race

Read the original race report: Red Wing 4 Hr Lap Race

Up Next

I will try to move quickly on getting podcast versions of all the race reports out, but I will break things up with some other shows inbetween kicking out each years “Revisiting 201#” series. I want to give you a taste of the future shows that will be mixed in among the future race reports.

Send any questions or comments to Steve via podcast@endurancepath.com

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy! -Steve

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