2017 Year End Recap

Major Highlights from 2017…

Started personal training out of 3 different gyms

Completed Fitness Nutrition Specialist Training

Got a little bit more into trail running

Ran my first 10k trail run race – finished 2nd overall

Raced my first adventure tri in 15 years – finished 4th overall

Raced in 2 more states – Pennsylvania & Virginia

Built up a new custom Trek Farley fatbike


I launced my own podcast and started having some guests on the show. I’ve taken a little bit of time off from it around the first of the year as I’m buried in the transition of ownership of the bike shop, but I am still lining up new guests in the background. Stay tuned and check out some of the old stuff in the mean time.

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Episode 1: Launch of The Endurance Path Podcast

Episode 2: My First Lutsen 99er

Episode 3: Chequamegon 40

Episode 4: Red Wing 4 Hr Lap Race

Episode 5: July 2017 Training Recap

Episode 6: Maah Daah Hey 100 Race Report

Episode 7: Ore To Shore Epic Race Report

Episode 8: Wilderness 101 Race Report

Episode 9: 2016 Marji Gesick 100 Race Report – Most Popular Race Report Podcast

Episode 10: Cheq 40 Fat Tire Festival

Episode 11: Shenandoah 100 Race Report

Episode 12: Training & Blog Recap

Episode 13: 2017 Marji Gesick 100 Report

Episode 14: John Petrylak “From Couch To Podium” – Most Popular Guest Podcast

Episode 15: Eric Olson “Journey of 100 Marathons”

Episode 16: Mark Kransz “Just Having Fun”

Episode 17: Jerome Dionne “Back On The Bike”

2017 Race Reports

I mixed it up this year with my racing and did a trail run and an adventure tri. Anyways, my season included fatbike racing, road racing, adventure tri, trail running, XC racing and endurance racing. I thoroughly enjoyed mixing it up. I had more fun mixing it up, even though I couldn’t focus in on one specific thing and that’s probalby the way I’ll roll going forward.

January: Freezer Burn – Fat Bike

February: 906 Polar Roll – Fat Bike

April: THK – Road Bike

April: Ken Woods Memorial – Road Bike

May: Woolly Bike Club 4 Hr Lap Race – MTB

May: Grantsburg Adventure Triathlon – Bike, Paddle, Run

May: Detroit Mountain 4 Hr Lap Race – MTB

June: Borah Epic – MTB

June: City of Trails 10k – Trail Run

June: Lutsen 99er – MTB

July: Wilderness 101 – MTB

September: Shenandoah 100 – MTB

September: Marji Gesick 100 – MTB – Most Popular Race Report

December: Solstice Chase – Fatbike

2018 Race Plans

Locked In…

February 17: Polar Roll Fatbike Race – Fatbike

February 24: American Birkebeiner – Skate Ski

July 14: Wilderman Offroad Triathlon – Ironman Distance Offroad Tri

Sept 15: Chequamegon 40 – Mountain Bike

September 22: Marji Gesick 100 – Mountain Bike

On The Table…

March 10: Fat Bike Birkie – Fatbike

April 21: Trail Mix – Trail Run

April 28: Whiskey Offroad – Mountain Bike

April 28: Cohutta 100 – Mountain Bike

May 19: Grand Junction Offroad – Mountain Bike

May 19: Superior Trail Race – Trail Run

June 2: Mohican 100 – Mountain Bike

June 10: IRONMAN 70.3 Wisconsin – Half Ironman Tri

June 16: Chequamegon 100 – Mountain Bike

June 16: Lumberjack 100 – Mountain Bike

June 23: Lutsen 99er – Mountain Bike

August 11: Ore to Shore – Mountain Bike

August 18: Crotched Mountain 100 – Mountain Bike

September 1: Shenandoah 100 – Mountain Bike

2017 Training Summary


2017 Mileage – 3,880 miles

Average Weekly Ride Mileage – 75 miles/wk

2017 Ride Time – 290 hrs, 20 min

Average Weekly Ride Time – 5.6 hrs/wk

My ride time was down a little from the previous year, but I would say I had more quality in my riding than in 2017. I also feel pretty good about my results for the amount of riding that I actually put in. I had a few weeks in there that topped 10 hrs/wk, but most months I was averaging 6 to 6.5 hrs/wk. I of course had some downtime, which drops the overall average ride time to 5.6 hrs/wk.


2017 Mileage – 182 miles

Average Weekly Run Mileage – 3.5 miles/wk

2017 Duration – 27 hrs, 46 min

Average Weekly Run Time – 32 min/wk

The data is a bit deceiving, as I had many weeks in a row that I did not run at all. Regardless, my run time is low for somebody wanting to get more into it. I’ll be doing some more running this year to prepare for the trail marathon portion of the Wilderman Offroad Tri in July.


I felt really good this year overall when it came to my core and upperbody vs the previous year. I put a lot more focus on my back, which really made a big difference in my opinion when it came to comfort on the bike. I’ve put on a little upper body muscle and strength, which isn’t neccessarily the right thing to do for the running and biking I want to do, but I’m more interested in becoming well rounded in the long run.


I passed the tests for a Fitness Nutrition Specialist program I had started. I think there is way more to learn there and I do not plan on providing any specific nutrition services myself. I think it is some good knowledge for me to have and complements my personal training services.

Personal Training

I work out of the following gyms, plus offer virtual training/coaching over the web, phone or in person for local folks… Contact me for availability.

North Branch, MN Snap Fitness

Typically available Monday, Tuesday and Fridays

Rush City, MN Snap Fitness

Typically available Monday, Tuesday and Fridays

St. Croix Falls, WI Snap Fitness

Typically available Wed and Thursday morning

Virtual / Remote – I also provide Personal Training & Fitness Coaching services for non-local or non-gym goers through phone or web video sessions. If you are local, I can meet in person for sessions or a free consult.

Instagram Account

Link: Endurance Path on Instagram

On To Next Year…

Thanks for following along. This year was big for what I have been working on and hope that it is only the beginning.


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