January – Neck Deep In It

It has been an interesting and busy month… I’ve been neck deep at the shop. A lot of stuff to figure out with running a brick and mortar business and planning for the future. I think I mentioned to someone the other day that I feel a bit like I am drinking from a fire hose. Anyways, more to come on the shop stuff… Exciting times for sure and looking forward to the future!


I have not recorded any new podcasts this month, but I do intend to keep them going. I’ve been tied up with the shop and the podcast along with some other things I’ve been working on have kind of taken a backseat for now. My hope is to have a schedule where I can get back into this stuff consistantly again by spring. In the meantime… You can catch up on old episodes.

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New Race Reports

No new race reports this month. I had booked myself up on Saturday’s with the Get Fit – Eat Right workshop series and was in work catch-up mode on most Sundays, so I just wasn’t able to get out racing. I have the 906 Polar Roll and the American Birkiebeiner coming up though, so stay tuned.

January Training Summary


January Mileage – 204 miles

January Duration – 16 hrs, 38 min

My riding has mostly been a bit adhock, but there has been a few purposeful sessions. I’ve been fitting in the riding or workouts wherever I can.

I did hit a few interval workouts of varying intensity. In particular I hit some 30s high power intervals. I remember that I was always feeling flat this time of the year and am hoping to wake the legs up a bit prior the the 906 Polar Roll. I also did a subthreshold interval workout that I’ve done in the past. It’s a bit early in the season I guess to be ramping into that, but I just wanted to see where I was at. My heart rate settled in lower than it had in the past for the same power output, but my muscular endurance was not up to par and I skipped out after the 3rd interval.

Looking back at my calendar, I realized that I did have a week in January that I actually rode every single day. Two of them were warm up rides before running on my treadmill.


January Mileage – 24.9 miles

January Duration – 3 hrs, 51 min

This is all treadmill mileage with 2 of the workouts being interval workouts. Not all out intervals, but more long distance pace intervals. I’m not really in any running ramp up now, but I do need to work up some mileage for the Wilderman in July.

XC Skiing

December Mileage – 21.7 miles

December Duration – 3 hrs, 24 min

I got 2 ski sessions in during the month of January and a 3rd session just as February started. The Birkie is probably going to be a long day. I am definitly not the smoothest guy on skis for sure.

Totals for All Disciplines

Total Mileage – 250.6

Total Duration – 23 hrs, 53 min


I had this conversation with some folks this week during the Get Fit – Eat Right workshop that I was doing… I rarely get my entire strength workout done in one session. Probably only 1 time per week does it happen all at once in a focused session. Most of my strength work happens randomly throughout the day. No excuses, right… Push ups here and there, Pull ups here and there, keep weights on the bar in the basement, so you can knock out a set of whatever when you get a chance. Anyways, that’s how a lot of my workouts happen.


I had a bad time with nutrition this month and have gained some weight. You know how it works, right…? A couple bad choices lead to a domino effect of bad food choices or overeating. I have been getting home well past dinner time from the shop and then eating really late right before going to bed. I need to to just pack my dinner with me and then not eat again when I get home. Of course, I have been packing food, I’m just eating too much at the moment.

Upcoming Events

February 17, 2018: Polar Roll Fatbike Race

February 24, 2018: American Birkebeiner

March 10, 2018: Fatbike Birkie

New Race Registrations

I did sign up for a few races this past month as I was starting to look at my summer schedule…

February 18, 2018: 906 Polar Roll Fatbike Enduro

I figured… What the heck, should be fun!

June 16, 2018: Chequamegon 100

I keep hearing more and more about this race and know a few folks going. Should be a good time!

September 15, 2018: Chequamegon 40

I’ve missed it the last couple of years and it is the weekend before the Marji Gesick, but I figured it was about time I got back to it again.


I have been using the Bontrager Transmitr Lights for fatbiking and really like them. They connect to my Garmin and just turn on and off when I turn my Garmin on. I find it convenient. They are also, just really nice lights and solid products for the price range as well.

The other Bontrager gear that I’m geaked up on is the baselayers. I’ve been using both the B3 and B2 layers and they rock!

Anyways… with owning the shop, I’ve been buying and testing various gear that we carry that I might not have had experience with in the past to make sure I can speak to it and also make sure it’s something that I want to carry in the shop as well. I actually had not used much of the Bontrager gear in the past, but am really happy with it. The lights and the baselayers in particular are some items I was super geaked up on recently.

Personal Training

I work out of the following gyms, plus offer virtual training/coaching over the web, phone or in person for local folks… Contact me for availability.

North Branch, MN Snap Fitness

Typically available Mondays and Fridays, plus other random times throughout the week by appointment.

Rush City, MN Snap Fitness

Typically available Mondays and Fridays, plus other random times throughout the week by appointment.

St. Croix Falls, WI Snap Fitness

Typically available Wed and Thursday morning

Virtual / Remote – I also provide Personal Training & Fitness Coaching services for non-local or non-gym goers through phone or web video sessions. If you are local, I can meet in person for sessions or a free consult.

Instagram Account

A few pics from the past month…

Link: Endurance Path on Instagram

On To Next Month…

Thanks for following along. If you have any questions about anything I shared, feel free to hit me up using my Contact Me page.


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