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About Endurance Path

Based out of North Branch, Minnesota

Endurance Path has evolved over time from Steve sharing his race experiences to becoming a personal trainer and offering his own products & services, but Endurance Path has always been and will continue to be about motivating and inspiring people to continue challenging themselves. Endurance Path is about the long term journey and having enough fitness and endurance to continuously take on new challenges and stretch your capabilities physically and mentally year after year.

Personal Fitness & Endurance Training

Personal fitness and endurance training services are now available with Steve. These services are for beginner fitness folks to intermediate or mid-pack level endurance racers. The common need is some outside guidance, accountability and customized exercise and training plans from month to month down to week to week to work toward a new goal. These services are available through Endurance Path with Steve via phone or video conferencing, in person through Endurance Path with Steve or through Snap Fitness in St. Croix Falls, WI with Steve.

Through Endurance Path

Through Snap Fitness

Training Plans

Mountain Bike Training plans, developed by Steve are currently being offered with some starter fitness, fat loss and general sports performance plans in development. More Info


Different circuit workouts, developed by Steve to suit various needs are currently being offered. More individual workouts will be offered along side the release of additional training plans. More Info

Testing & Assessment Services

A personal cycling power and heart rate threshold test is currently available and administered by Steve using a Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Meter Trainer. A general fitness assessment will be available soon. More Info

Steve Hamlin

More Info About Steve Hamlin


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