Race Recap – Fatbike Birkie

fatbike birkie

Note: I did something a little different than I have in the past… After a short intro, I provide some recap notes on topics that are likely of most interest based on questions I get about races; such as the course conditions, gear, nutritions, etc… that can be more useful in planning for future races.…

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Training Notes And Looking Foward To Racing Again

racing again

It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve entered any type of race… The last being the Marji Gesick 100 mountain bike race in Marquette, MI. I missed the American Birkiebeiner ski race less than 2 weeks ago due to a rib injury, but am looking forward to the Fatbike Birkie coming up this weekend. The…

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Mid Winter Training Report

mid winter training

It’s mid February and I’m nearing the end of a recovery week, at least from the bike. I knocked out a pretty awesome 3 weeks of tempo and sweet spot base work and I’m starting to feel good again about training and cycling. I am happy overall with what my numbers look like right now…

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Rebooting Training With Strength Work and Aerobic Base

weight training

This past year was not good for me from a fitness and nutrition standpoint… Throughout the summer, I was down to 1 to 3 rides a week and doing almost nothing from a strength standpoint. I completely ignored a rational diet and gained a lot of weight. In fact, I’m currently the heaviest I’ve been…

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Planning A Weekly Training Schedule

Weekly Training Schedule

Putting together a weekly training schedule can be a tough one for people, but it’s important to get an actual schedule and stick to it from week to week. I’ve experimented with training schedules that were independent from a standard 7 day week, but it can get cumbersome and hard to manage. I’ve done it…

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Wilderman Offroad Triathlon – Race Report


The Wilderman Offroad Triathlon was my first swim, bike, run triathlon and it is a full IronMan distance. I’ve actually only done 2 other triathlon races, both being the Grantsburg Adventure Tri which is much shorter and in the form of bike, paddle, run. The Wilderman was something I had known was out there and…

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Woolly Bike Race – 2018 Race Report

woolly bike race

The Woolly Bike Race has traditionally been the kick off event of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series and draws a nice crowd of racers into the St. Croix River Valley. This was my first time racing the elite class for any type of XC series race. My kids had a ball with the kid’s comp…

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Grantsburg Adventure Tri – 2018

grantsburg tri

The Grantsburg Tri is a fun, low key adventure triathlon in the small town of Grantsburg, Wisconsin. The main event is a 19 mile bike, 1.5 mile kayak and 8 mile run – in that order. Last year I took 4th place overall after leading the bike, dropping a place on the kayak and then…

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Loppet Duathlon – Winter’s Last Hurrah!

The Loppet Duathlon was an unplanned event for me, but a fun one at that. My involvement was spurred on by Ben Mullin as a little end of snow season fun showdown where I stand no chance against Ben on skis, but have a little leg up on him with the bike. Mike Halverson was…

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Fatbike Birkie Race Report – 2018

fatbike birkie

This was my second Fatbike Birkie and I had a little better overall finish than my previous. That being said, I felt fairly miserable for most of the race. I just couldn’t get my legs moving… They felt heavy and I just couldn’t get warmed up and moving. I felt like I was in trouble…

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Birkie Fever – My First American Birkebeiner

american birkebeiner

This will be a new one for folks that have been following along here… The American Birkebeiner was my first ski race, so this will be my first ever ski race report… I got some classic skis when I moved to Minnesota 5 years ago and used them a handful of times. I borrowed some…

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Training & Stuff From March


Once again, this update is a little late, but not as late as last month… There are a few new things to mention and some is more of the same, but here are the highlights… Finally got a new podcast out – Polar Roll w/ Todd Poquette Raced the Fat Bike Birkie I made a…

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