Training Reports

Winter Base Training Report – Bike & Run

winter base training

This winter base training report is going to start with the first week of January and run through March 19th. December was a pretty terrible month as far as being sick, where I went 2 and a half weeks without doing anything. I missed the Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race and then started doing some […]

Fall Training Transition – Biking & Running

fall training transition

It has been an interesting fall training transition during my offseason, if an offseason from biking actually exists anymore…  I should have been indulging in a bit more solid recovery after the Marji Gesick 100, but I really wanted to start sorting out how I was going to train in the future for both running […]

My Introduction To Running Again

beginning to run

Simplicity and a change of pace are the first couple things that come to mind when I sit down to write about my introduction to running. I have some previous running experience, but there was something  new and different about putting on a pair of shoes and working my way thru the woods by foot that […]

How Cadence Impacts Power Output And Knee Joint Stress

cadence impacts power

I am going to specifically talk about how cadence impacts power output and stress loads on your knee joints. Pay attention, because this could save you from a knee injury and help you become more energy efficient at the same time. I’ll nerd out with some equations and calculations, but stay with me and I’ll […]

Lessons From My Marji Gesick Race Taper

marji gesick race taper

I’ll keep this short, but I thought it was relevant to take a step back and discuss the good and bad of my taper weeks leading into the Marji Gesick 100. I finished my last training build week with 3 weeks left before the Marji. I took a Recovery week, 1 peak week and then […]

Marji Gesick Training Report – Part 2

marji gesick training

This is part 2 of my Marji Gesick training report. If you remember, I had put out a part 1 training overview after finishing my first training block, about a month ago. You can find a link at the bottom of this report to that first article in case you missed it. No worries, you […]

Training For The Marji Gesick 100 – Part 1

marji gesick training

This write up is a breakdown of my training for the Marji Gesick 100 over the past month or so. I have included some good data related to training zones, high level analysis of some of my workouts and where I think I am sitting at now. I basically broke the report down by types […]

Preparing For The Mohican 100 Mountain Bike Race – Training And Nutrition

mohican 100

Here I am, a few days out from the Mohican 100 Mountain Bike Race. It has been 2 and a half months since the True Grit Epic Mountain Bike Race and I am not 100% sure at where I stand. I backed off of riding quite a bit this spring. I had been riding and racing quite […]

Why And How To Find Heart Rate Threshold For Cycling

I believe finding heart threshold is important for a few reasons when it comes to your cycling training and racing.  The first and foremost reason is so I understand where my safe zone is without blowing up.  Secondly, and just as important as the first, is to set more precise heart rate training zones to follow […]

My Monthly Endurance Path Update – April 2015

Welcome to the my April 2015 Endurance Path Update! I started doing monthly updates last year, but did not follow through.  I am going to start them back up and see if I can refine them enough for it to make sense to keep them going.  As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.  If there is […]

4 Tips For Mountain Bikers With Spring Fever

Who doesn’t love spring time after a long winter?  There is something about spring time with the bright sun, longer days, warmer weather and snow melting that gives me all kinds of energy!  I just can’t wait to get the bikes out.  I have a road bike now, but before I had a road bike, […]

Finding Your Winter Endurance Exercise

Do you live in snow country?  Have you found your winter endurance training activities?  I found mine just a few weeks ago; cross country skiing. My summer activities are mainly mounting biking or road biking.  I will occasionally run or hike, but I love the bicycle. I’ve always struggled in the winter months as I […]

Training While Traveling

I know how it is to travel for work and at the same time, training while traveling.  You spend all day working, meeting people or traveling; then are suppose to meet people again for dinner and then go back to your hotel and catch up on your normal work and answer all of your e-mails. […]

2014 Training Ideas

I have kicked off some strength training for the month of January to build up some leg and core strength.  Last year when I was in the Chequamegon 40 and riding the Color Tour, I felt good from a cardio stand point, but felt low on leg strength and fatigued my muscles early in the […]