Race Recap – Fatbike Birkie

fatbike birkie

Note: I did something a little different than I have in the past… After a short intro, I provide some recap notes on topics that are likely of most interest based on questions I get about races; such as the course conditions, gear, nutritions, etc… that can be more useful in planning for future races.…

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Woolly Bike Race – 2018 Race Report

woolly bike race

The Woolly Bike Race has traditionally been the kick off event of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series and draws a nice crowd of racers into the St. Croix River Valley. This was my first time racing the elite class for any type of XC series race. It’s also my local trail and as of this…

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Loppet Duathlon – Winter’s Last Hurrah!

The Loppet Duathlon was an unplanned event for me, but a fun one at that. My involvement was spurred on by Ben Mullin as a little end of snow season fun showdown where I stand no chance against Ben on skis, but have a little leg up on him with the bike. Mike Halverson was…

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Old News… February’s Recap


This is about 2 weeks late. I started it over a week ago and just never got back around to it, but figured I’d finish it up and get it out there. I have been able to race a couple times in February, but I have been sinking as far as time goes and I’m…

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Endurance Path – March 2014

March was a pretty decent month.  I started feeling better, we had some nicer weather and I was able to get outside more.  We also took a road trip to Moab, Utah to do some mountain biking and hiking. Lessons Learned 1)  Time flies whether you are having fun or not. 2)  I should have…

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Endurance Path February Review

Well, February came and went faster than I could blink an eye.  My activity level was pretty low.  My whole family came down with the flu and I was working a lot of hours.  I did take on a new sport, cross country skiing and loved it. Lessons Learned 1)  Time flies whether you are…

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Endurance Path January Review

This is my first Endurance Path monthly review, so it might be a little rough.  As I make progress on this site, I will get a better idea of what I want to share in each monthly review.  I think it is important that I write up an update from the month to review any…

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Moving Forward In 2014

Who is looking forward to 2014?  I’m working on planning out the events that I want to participate in throughout 2014.  I have found that the best way to ensure that you will keep on your training or fitness path is to go ahead and sign up for some events that you can look forward…

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New Trail Rides In 2013

I had a great year of discovering new trail systems. I can’t wait to ride these trails again in 2014 and add another set of new trails to the list.  I’m not going to turn this post into a trail review, but just want to share the new trails that I was able to ride…

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