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Exercise & Training

Training & Coaching Services

All of these services are offered virtually, but can be done in person with additional fees. I have a small home gym area with audio and video set set up to conduct sessions live over the web using Skype or Facetime. It works quite well and people like the convenience of not having to travel somewhere for their consults, coaching sessions or workouts.

Custom Exercise (Fitness) Plans

For folks with fat loss, functional fitness or strength goals.

Coaching Sessions

General coaching sessions that can be used for whatever you need help with. Time can be used to help you build your own training plan, exercise routine, answer some fitness/training questions or schedule as a routine check in for your own accountability.

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages include updated training & exercise plans from me based on your package frequencey, along with a Premium Training Peaks account for me to monitor your workouts.

Training Plans

My mountain bike training plans are offered on Training Peaks. I did sell pdf only versions of them at one time, but the pdf is included in the Training Peaks version as well and most of the sales came through Training Peaks anyway. The plan is easier to follow with a Training Peaks calendar and the workouts in Training Peaks make the details of the workout much easier to follow vs a pdf, which will make you more successful with the plan in the long run.

My Training Peaks Plans

Finisher Mountain Bike Training Plans

Beginner level plans aimed at first time racers to previous cut off time chasers.

Mid-Pack Mountain Bike Training Plans

Intermediate level plans aimed at experienced racers/riders looking to compete with the mid-pack folks or get out in front of the mid-pack group.