Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedal Review

Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals
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I switched to the Crank Brothers Candy 3 pedals after using the Egg Beater 1 pedals the previous year.  I did have bearing problems with the Egg Beater 1 pedals after one season, but I really liked the functionality of the pedals themselves and opted to try the Candy 3 level pedals that come with a better bearing set.  Prior to trying out the Crank Brothers Egg Beater pedals, I was using SPD style clips with some older Wellgo pedals.  I never really had any complaints with the SPD pedals, except for clipping back in with mud build up.  I also had not tried anything else to have a comparison with either.

I liked the tension adjustability of the SPD pedals, but thought I would try out something new and a little more simple.  The biggest thing I noticed with the Crank Brothers pedals is that I have less issues getting clipped in on the fly and rarely does mud get in the way of me getting clipped in.  The cleat seems to clean out quite easily and naturally in the process of clipping in.  Another thing I like is that your shoe tread takes some of the load from the pedals vs all through the cleat.  For some people, this may be a big advantage if they deal with numb feet issues due to a pressure point created by the load into the sole of the shoe from the cleat alone.  My biggest negative is that there is no adjustment, but after a season of use, they are still functioning well and I have no need to replace them.

In comparison to the Egg Beaters, I think I like the Candy version better.  There is a little bit of a platform to pedal on if you happen to jump on your bike while wearing flats to ride around a campground or neighborhood with your kids.  I will probably end up getting another pair to mount on another bike so I don’t have to swap back and forth all the time.  I also think the little cage around them does help orient the pedal quicker to clip in than the egg beaters.

Other Parts In The Box

Standard Cleats – The pedals come with Crank Brothers standard cleat with a 6º float and either a 15º or 20º release angle depending on how you mount the cleats on your shoe.  I mount mine with the 20º release angle.  These obviously came with mounting bolts as well.

Plastic Shims – Each pedal and cleat set also comes with plastic shims for mounting your cleats to your shoe.  The pedals rely on contact with your shoe tread, so shims are provided with the pedals to set the proper height of the cleat on the bottom of your shoe.


Premium Cleat – Crank Brothers also sells a premium cleat made with a premium material.  They are not very clear on it, but I have to assume that they wear longer before needing replacement.  They have the same float and release angle as the stock cleats.  I just ordered a set myself to mount on my Fat Bike boots.

0º Float Cleat – Crank Brothers also sells a 0º float with a 15º release angle.  I personally like a lot of float, so these are not an option for me and I have not tried them.

Tread Contacts – If you happen to use shoes with very worn out or low tread, then Crank Brothers also sells plastic shims that mount on the pedals to raise the contact surface of the pedals to your shoe tread. The shims are made from 30% glass filled nylon, so I would expect them to be very rigid and not your traditional cheap plastic.  I have not needed to use the shims yet myself.

Shoe Shields – These are stainless steel shields that mount between your cleats and shoes to protect your soles when tightening down the cleats.  I just ordered a pair of these for my Winter Fat Bike Boots (Lake MXZ 303 boots).  There was a warning on the bottom of the boot to use the Shoe Shields with Crank Brothers cleats.

Reason For My Ranking

I would have given these a 5 star for functionality, but I gave them a 4 overall because they lack adjustability and the fact that you have to purchase the Tread Contacts separately for proper contact to your shoe tread.  I have not needed the Tread Contacts myself, nor have I needed to adjust the tension on my pedals.  I have to assume that some people may want some adjustment though or need to purchase the Tread Contacts and that could be a detractor for some people.  I plan to stick with Crank Brothers at this point as I do prefer them over the SPD style clips that I had previously.  I have not had any bearing problems with my Candy 3 pedals either, like I had with the cheaper Egg Beater 1s.


Work great in mud
Easy finding and clipping in after first couple of uses
Simple design
Small cage around the clip-in spindle for pedaling without being clipped in
Pedal load is shared with shoe tread and not all through cleat itself


No adjustability
First couple times clipping in are tight
May require pedal shims that are extra cost
Some shoes (Lake MXZ 303) requires use of shoe shield which is also extra cost