Podcast Ep 17: Jerome Dionne – “Back On The Bike, MG100 Planning, MTB Talk, Training & More…”

Welcome my first international guest, Jerome Dionne to the Endurance Path Podcast…

jerome dionne

Jerome originally got into mountain biking in the 80s and is back at it for round 2. We talk about Jerome’s major weight gain after 2 years in the US and too many trips to Taco Bell. Jerome compares some racing he has done in Canada vs the US and then we dive into preparation for the Marji Gesick 100. We talk about a hole bunch of stuff, including endurance training, gear & equipment, the upcoming fatbike season, etc… all while Jerome throws some questions my way for some good open discussion. It’s a bit of a longer episode, but we talk about a whole bunch of topics… So fire this one up over a couple commutes and enjoy!

BTW, would love some feedback on this type of an episode. If you like the open and sometimes random discussion, then I might bring some guests on just for that purpose. Hit me up and let me know. Enjoy!

Listen in to Jerome Dionne and I cover a whole lot of topics…!

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Races Mentioned

Gaspesia 100

XCM Canadian Championship – Raid Jean D’Avignon

XCM VĂ©lirium in Mont-Ste-Anne

Vermont 50 MTB

Crotched Mtn Hundred

Marji Gesick 100

Leadville 100

Shenandoah 100

Wilderness 101

Mohican 100

Lumberjack 100

True Grit Epic

NUE (National Ultra Endurance Series)

Solstice Chase Fatbike Race

Norpine Fatbike Race

906 Polar Roll Fatbike Race

Cuyuna Whiteout Fatbike Race

Frozen Forty Fatbike Race

Great Lakes Fatbike Series

Freezer Burn Fatbike Race

Fat Pursuit Fatbike Race

ITI Fatbike Race

Other Mentions

The Last Aid Station

Mountain Bike Radio: “Jeramiah Bishop – Marji Gesick 100”

Mountain Bike Radio: “#BlameDanny”

Trail Mentions

Michigan Tech Ski Trails

Swedetown Ski Trails

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