Podcast Ep 15: Eric Olson – “Journey of 100 Marathons”

Another guest episode of the Endurance Path podcast…! ¬†Welcome Eric Olson to talk about going from his first run 2 mile run to finishing his 100th marathon.

eric olson

Eric went for couple mile run one day after work and decided to keep at it. It didn’t take very long for him to sign up for some races and the marathons started stacking up… Fast forward to the 2017 Twin Cities Marathon and Eric Olson checked off his 100th marathon, but not his last.

I reached out to Eric after hearing about him completing his 100th marathon, to see if he would come on the podcast and share his story. I really enjoyed talking with Eric and I know you’ll enjoy hearing his story. Eric is another example of how you never know what you can accomplish until you get out there and get active. Eric now directs his own race, the Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon and coaches his local High School’s cross-country track team.

Listen in as Eric shares some great stories, while we discuss his past experiences and what he has planned for the future…

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Eric Olson’s Race

Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon – Eric is the race director for this race

Eric Olson’s local club & shop

Cyclova XC

Wild River Triathlon Club

Races Mentioned

Gandy Dancer Marathon

Grandma’s Marathon

Twin Cities Marathon

Marine Core Marathon

Kingdom Swim Vermont

Birkie Trail Run Festival

Wilderman Offroad Triathlon

Extreme North Dakota Racing


Other Mentions

Midwest Events

Running In The USA

100 Marathon Club North America

50 States Marathon Club

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