Podcast Ep 20: Todd Poquette “Doing The RIGHT Things”

I had Todd Poquette back on the podcast to talk about what the whole “Doing The Hard Things” means, which spawned the title “Doing The RIGHT Things”. Todd shared a lot of great thoughts and gave us some insight into how and what is happening with the 906 Adventure Team. Todd also shared a very personal story that he hasn’t shared with too many people, but thought it would offer some insight as to why he does what he does. Listen to the whole thing, there is something there for everybody.

I did something new and posted a timeline breakdown of the discussion below…

doing the right thing


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Time Breakdown of Discussion

3:00 – Discussion starts w/ Todd

4:20 – Adventure Team background

6:30 – Adventure Team lessons

9:30 – Sponsors & logo lessons

12:00 – Current Adventure Team focus and #s

14:40 – The word COACH

17:00 – Leadership all the time

21:10 – Being marketed to

22:00 – What is the draw to the Adventure Team over other organized sports

25:45 – Being inclusive doesn’t translate to participation medals

28:30 – Redefining the win

30:30 – Everything is not a big fun parade

31:20 – Having responsible fun

31:50 – No wheelies

35:00 – Discipline

37:00 – Relationships… Parents, Coaches & Kids

40:45 – “If you don’t own it… It will own you…”

46:00 – Compounding effects of daily reinforcement

48:00 – A personal story from Todd

57:45 – Using it to do something good

1:00:30 – Sharing the message – “Doing The RIGHT Things”

1:02:00 – It’s not all sunshine and lollie pops

1:05:00 – Having the capacity to work through hard stuff

1:07:00 – Working hard to make other things easy/enjoyable

1:09:00 – It’s enjoyable to go do things today that you couldn’t do yesterday

1:09:30 – Mental grit trumping physical strength

1:11:30 – Teaching through experience

1:12:00 – The #newnormal

1:18:18 – There is no bench

1:23:00 – Focused individual development will build great teams

1:24:00 – The HAMR: Huron Adventure MTB Race

1:30:20 – Marji Gesick 100 – Changes to the last 15 miles – private property – don’t ride it

1:35:00 – Scaling the 906 Adventure Team

1:37:30 – Donate to the 906 Adventure Team

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