This is a listing of some popular fatbike races that I know of and may be worth traveling for depending on the type of racing you are into. If you feel the list is missing a major series or race, send me a message here: Contact Me

Popular Non-Ultra Fatbike Races

Many of these used to be part of the Great Lakes Fatbike Series, which has not really been functional the last few years. The races are all stand alone and continue anyway without the series.

Solstice Chase - Wisconsin

Norpine Fat Bike Classic - Minnesota

Brewery Vivant Farmhand - Michigan

Fatbike World Championships - Colorado

Cuyuna Whiteout - Minnesota

Frozen Forty - Minnesota

906 Polar Roll - Michigan

Fat Bike Birkie - Wisconsin

Ultra Fatbike Races

These ones may not necessarily be on my bucket list, but if you are interested in endurance or ultra endurance fat bike racing, then these are some notable races to check out.

Arrohead 135 - Minnesota

Tuscobia 160 - Wisconsin

Iditarod Trail Invitational - Alaska

Fat Pursuit - Idaho

White Mountains 100 - Alaska

Fat Bike Race Calendars Race Calendar is a big website all about fat biking and they of course have a race calendar.