This is a living/growing list of various race series or individual races that I've heard are good or have enjoyed myself. The intention is not to list every race in existance, but definitely capture as many of the good ones as possible and give people a good place to look for races. If you feel the list is missing a good race or series that people need to know about, send me a message here: Contact Me

Midwest Gravel Series - Pactimo Gravel Cup

This is a new series that has pulled together some existing midwest gravel races into a midwest series. I'm excited about this and hope it is the start of a growing series in gravel similiar to what we see in the summer XC mtb series that exist in most states.

Driftless 100 - Elkader, Iowa

Hogback Gravel - Waukee, IA

KKD (Kasner's Kick Duchenne) - Farmington, MN

Freedhem 76 - Freedhem, MN

Gritty Goose - Monticello, MN

Core 4 - Iowa City, MN

Michigan Gravel Race Series

There is some really good stuff in here. I have not personally done any of the events, but I have followed some of them and reported out on them a fews years ago when I was helping with The Last Aid Station podcast on Mountain Bike Radio. There are races in here for all levels and distances and if you're in the midwest and intersted in gravel, you should check them out.


Other Michigan Gravel Race

This is a new one, but looks good!

The Watermoo - August

Heck of The North Productions

This might not fall under and actual series, but Heck of The North has 3 different races throughout the year and I've heard great things about their events.

Le Gran Du Nord 20 / 58 / 100 - May

Heck Epic 2 Day 225 - July

Heck of The North 20 / 55 / 100 - September

Belgian Waffle Ride Series

I have not done any of these but have started following them and they are now on my bucket list. This series is growing and it looks good. Here are the race locations for 2023...

BWR Scottsdale, Arizona - March

BWR San Diago, California - April

BWR Vancouver Island, British Columbia - May

BWR Ashville, North Carolina - June

BWR Cedar City, Utah - August

BWR Lawrance, Kansas - October

BWR Queretaro, Mexico - November

Other Standout Gravel Bike Races

Many of the great or popular gravel races are not part of a series and here are a few others to check out. I'll keep working on this list as there are definitely others out there that are missing from the list.

The Big Sugar - Arkansas

SBT GRVL - Colorado

Rebecca's Private Idaho - Idaho

Driftless 100 - Iowa

Trans Iowa - Iowa

Unbound Gravel - Kansas

La Grind - Kansas

Freedhem 76 - Minnesota

The-DAMN (Day Across Minnesota) - Minnesota

The West Side Dirty Benjamin - Minnesota

Barry Roubaix - Michigan

Badlands Gravel Battle - North Dakota

Bootlegger 100 - North Carolina

Pisgah Monster-Cross Challenge - North Carolina

Land Run 100 - Oklahoma

Iron Cross - Pennsylvania

Hill Billy Roubaix - West Virginia