International gravel races here: International Gravel Bike Races

U.S. Gravel Bike Races by State

This is a list of US gravel bike races sorted by state. I'm not keeping track of the exact date every year, but rather the month the event happens. It's not meant to be a race calendar. This gravel bike race list is meant to be a way to find events happening with links to them, so you can get their updated info. If a gravel race doesn't have it's own webpage, then it's probably missing from the list. I've started adding ones without their own webpages and just not including a link. You can google it and find it on Facebook, BikeReg, etc... Those links can change and/or become broken links and will hurt this pages ranking in Google. If you know of a good gravel race that should be included or if you see one of these is no longer happening, please send me a note here with the race and weblink: Contact Me


Border Wars - February

24 Hour World Gravel Time Trial - September



BWR Scottsdale, Arizona - March

Camp Wood Roundup - May

Chino Grinder - September


CO2UT (Colorado to Utah) - May

Steamboat Roubaix - May

Ned Gravel - July

FoCo Fondo - July

SBT GRVL - August

The Crippler - September


Natchaug Epic - March

Macedonia Gravel - July



Dirty Pecan - March



Rough Road 100 - April

Seeds and Stones Roubaix - May

Burning Quad - July

Nineteen-O-Four - September


Dust Bowl 100 - July


Cirrem - February

Hell of The Wind - April

Pella Roubaix - April

Iowa Wind and Rock - April

Driftless 100 - April

Kalona Horseshoe - May

Silver City Century - May

Hogback Gravel - May

Waukon 100 - June

Albia Holy Cow - July

Soldier Cutoff Hillduro - August

Core 4 - August

Glennwood Superbloom - September

Fairfield Harvest Rush - September

Turkey Burner - November



Rouge Roubaix - March




D2R2 - August


There is some really good stuff in here. I have not personally done any of the events, but I have followed some of them and reported out on them a fews years ago when I was helping with The Last Aid Station podcast on Mountain Bike Radio. There are races in here for all levels and distances and if you're in the midwest and intersted in gravel, you should check them out.

Waterloo G & G 32 / 64- March

Melting Man 35 / 60 - March

Dirty 30 Gravel Grinder 30 - March

Lowell Classic Gravel Road Race 32 / 50 - April

Barry Roubaix 100 / 62 / 36 - April

The Hellkaat 100 / 50 - May

Arcadia Grit & Gravel 27 - May

Sancho 200 - June

Coast to Coast 210 - June

The Crusher 225ish - July

The Divide 34 / 50 - July

The Watermoo - August

Uncle John's Dirty Ride 25 / 56 - September

Lord of The Springs 24 / 37 - September

MMM Gravel Grinder 40 / 60 - September


Granny's Gravel Grinder - May

Le Gran Du Nord 20 / 58 / 100 - May

KKD (Kasner's Kick Duchenne) - June

Freedhem 76 - July (I've done this one a couple times and it a nice grass roots event, but still run very well and I would argue becoming a highlight of the Minnesota grave race scene)

The Hotdish - July

The-DAMN (Day Across Minnesota) - August (This is one of those epic events that should go on your bucket list. It ran for 5 years and then went away. It's back for 2024!)

Hollow Gravel Classic - August

Gritty Goose - August

Heck of The North 20 / 55 / 100 - September

The Filthy 50 - October




Ruby Roubaix - June

New Hampshire

New Jersey

Jersey Gravel Grinder - May

Jersey Gravel Grinder Deux - September

New Mexico

North Dakota

Badlands Gravel Battle - May (Done this event a couple times and it's a low key, but well run event with an absolutely beautiful ride. This is worth traveling to and putting on your to-do list.)

Nepomuk Narly - July


Mid South - March

Land Run 100 - Oklahoma

Rhode Island

South Dakota

Pine Island Gravel Odyssey - June


Raspuptita - April

Black Fly - May

The Ranger - June

Raid Lamoille - July

Vermont Overland - August

Peacham Fall Fondo - September

Vermont Rare Gravel Ride - October

Copley Moxie Gravel Grinder - October


Monster Cross - February

Blue Ridge Extreme Gravel - March

The Appalacian Journey - April

Gravista - May

Rocktown Rambler - May

High Bridge Gravel Time Trial - June

Loudon 1725 Gravel Grinder - June

Unravel Gravel - October


Walla Walla Grit - September

West Virginia

Rollin Coal Gravel Grinder - April

The Kate's Mountain Challenge - May

GRUSK (Gravel Ride Up Spruce Knob) - July

Lost River Classic - August

High Ground Gravel - September


British Columbia

BWR Vancouver Island, British Columbia - May


BWR Queretaro, Mexico - November

United Kingdom

Dirty Reiver - April

Dirt Dash - Multiple Events