This is a listing of various race series, individual races or race calendars that are great places to look for events. The intention is not to list every race that is out there, but rather give you some good places to look for races. If you feel the list is missing a major series or race that is worth being on the list, send me a message here: Contact Me

Epic Rides

I have yet to complete any of these races, but have heard nothing but great things about them. I covered some of these events while co-hosting on The Last Aidstation podcast and have enough familiarity with them to suggest checking them out. They put on a whole weekend event that draws in a lot of pro level riders, who race on Sunday instead of on Saturday with the non-pro racers. I am registered for the Oz Offroad for 2019.

Whiskey Off-Road - Arizon

Grand Junction Off-Road - Colorado

Carson City Off-Road - Nevada

Oz Offroad - Arkansas

Tour of the White Mountains - Arizona

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - Arizona

Leadville Race Series - MTB

I've only done the Lutsen 99er, which is now part of the Leadville Series and a qualifier event for the Leadville 100. I've heard nothing but great things about the Leadville events. If they are anything like the Lutsen 99er, they will be great weekend race experiences.

Austin Rattler - Texas

Wilmington Whiteface - New York

Lutsen 99er - Minnesota

Silver Rush 50 - Colorado

Tahoe Trail - California

Leadville Stage Race - Colorado

Leadville 100 - Colorado

Barn Burner - Arizona

NUE (National Ultra Endurance Series)

The National Ultra Endurance Series has 2 different distances within the series. There is a 100 mile distance series and a 100k series. Each event typically has a race of each distance. There are about 10 races in each series that includes races across the country and you need to complete at least 4 events, with your best 4 races being counted toward the overall series. I've only raced in 2 of the events, but I did cover quite a few of these events while co-hosting The Last Aid Station podcast and know that it is a good series and a great place to start if you are looking for 100 mile or 100k events.

Epic Series (100 mile)

True Grit Epic - Utah

Cohutta 100 - Tennessee

Mohican MTB 100 - Ohio

Lumberjack 100 - Michigan

Tatanka 100 - South Dakota

High Cascades 100 - Oregon

Wilderness 100 - Pennsylvania

Breck 100 - Colorado

Pierre's Hole 100 - Wyoming

Crotched Mountain 100 - New Hampshire

Volcano 100 - Costa Rica

Shenandoah 100 - Virginia

Marji Gesick 100 - Michigan

Big Bear Grizzly 100 - California

Marathon Series

True Grit 50 - Utah

Big Frog 65 - Tennessee

Mohican - Ohio

Bailey HUNDitO - Colorado

Tatanka - South Dakota

Carrabassett - Maine

Breck 68 - Colorado

Pierre's Hole 100 - Wyoming

Crotched Mountain 100 - New Hampshire

Volcano - Costa Rica

Marji Gesick 100 - Michigan

Big Bear Grizzly - California

Stage Mountain Bike Races

Breck Epic - Colorado

Moab Rocks - Utah

Transylvania Epic - Pennsylvania

BC Bike Race - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

24 Hour Races

A couple years ago, these races got together to start a National 24 Hours Series, but I don't know that the series stuck. The races are still out there as far as I know and would likely be some races to get on your calendar if you're interested in the 24 hour thing.

24 Hours In The Enchanted Forest - New Mexico

Oregon 24 - Oregon

25 Hours In Frog Hollow - Utah

Other Bucket List Mountain Bike Races

Breck Epic - Colorado

This is a 6 day stage race that is on my bucketlist. I've heard it is an amazing event and I would really like to get out to it at some point.

Butte 100 - Montana

I have not done this one and wasn't aware of it until someone sent it over in an e-mail. It looks like a good one.

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival - Wisconsin

I've done this one 4 times. It's a hugely popular mass start race on mostly ski trail. It's fast, with lots of traffic, but an event that should go on your to-do list. It's a fun weekend and they do a great job of putting on a nice event.

Iceman Cometh - Michigan

This is not really an endurance event, but it's a huge event that I'd like to get out to and experience.

Maah Daah Hey 100 - North Dakota

Maah Daah Hey is not part of a larger series, but it is definitly a race that should be on your bucket list if you are into endurance mountain bike racing. It's a rugged race and heat is always a factor. It is right next to the Marji Gesick 100 as being the toughest race that I have done.

Ore To Shore Epic - Michigan

I've done this race twice and thought it was a great race. It will be one that I continue going back to in the future. There are multiple distance options with the longest distance being 48 miles, but the pace is really fast. If you are a fan of the Chequamegon 40, you'll love this race. Fast paced, but about 1/3 as many people as the Cheq 40. It's enough racers to give you plenty of people to race wheel to wheel with, but not so many to cause congestion.

Park City Point To Point - Utah

I have not done this one, but it is a well known race and I've heard it is good. 75ish miles and 11,000ish feet of climb and mostly singletrack! Oddly, I missed it on the list until recently when someone reached out on Twitter. Thanks for the note!

Vapor Trail 100 - Colorado

I have not done this race, but have looked into it and know a couple folks that have done it. It's rugged and an extremely tough race. It starts on a Friday night and goes up through some high elevation. It's on my bucket list.

BC Bike Race - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

This is a 7 day stage race and I've heard it is really good. I didn't have it on this list previously and not sure how I missed it. I would love to get out for this some day myself.

International Races

I'll start building this list out. Send me the bucket list international races and I'll get them on here. I have a list of some that I will get loaded in soon.

Convict 100 - Australia

BC Bike Race - Vancouver Island, British Columbia