Offroad Triathlon Races

This is a listing of various race series, individual races or race calendars that are great places to look for events. The intention is not to list every race that is out there, but rather give you some good places to look for races. If you feel the list is missing a major series or race, send me a message here: Contact Me

Offroad Triathlon Race Series

Xterra Offroad Triathlon Series

TreX Cross Triathlon Series

Wisconsin Tri Series

Other Bucketlist Races

Wilderman Offroad Triathlon – North Dakota

This is a full IronMan distance offroad triathlon. Same 2.4 mile swim, but the bike is a mix of gravel roads and atv trails, with 2 river crossings and lots of elevation change. The trai run is not really a run… It’s a very rugged hike with very few sections that are actually runnable and lots of elevation changes.

Offroad Triathlon Race Calendars

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