Home Exercise Gear & Equipment

Below are links to a variety of home exercise gear that I currently have in my home gym space or use at the local gym and recommend as items to have in your personal gym space. You can access more information on each product by clicking on the heading or picture for the product.

All of the links below are affiate advertising links; meaning I will be paid a small advertising fee at NO extra charge to you if you were to make a purchase after clicking thru the link. This helps support the cost of keeping the website running and the time I put into maintaining the site, including writing race reports, training reports, monthly recaps, any other articles I write along with some of the time I put into following up with the questions that come from readers and followers of the blog. Thank you for your additional support!

TRX Suspension Straps

I have been using these at the gym and they are on my short list of items to add to my home exercise gear. They are also mobile and can be taken with you for travel.

Elastic Exercise Bands

These are the exact set of exercise bands that I have at home. They are useful for a lot of exercises that gravity weights just don’t work for, that you might otherwise need a cable machine at a gym to complete.

Stability Ball

The stability ball is a must have and can be used in place of a bench for many exercises for added focus on building stability. I specifically use it most for push ups by putting my feet up on it. It makes the push ups harder and adds a stability factor to the push up.

Bosu Ball

I use a Bosu Ball at the gym, but this is also on my list of items to add to my home gym. It’s another piece of equipment that allows you to add the stability factor to many free weight exercises.

Riser Platform

This is the exact riser platform that I have at home. It’s handy for a variety of things and I actually used it as a bench prior to adding a small bench to my home gym.

Bike Trainer

I personally have the JetFluid Pro and my road bike is almost always permanantly set up on it. I think it has a near identical resistance and feel to the same resistance I would see on the road.

I included the Fluid 2 because it is very similiar to the Fluid Pro. I personally know folks that have the Fluid 2 and they also think it is a great trainer. It’s a little cheaper than the Fluid Pro and I believe it has an accessory option to mount thru axle bikes.

Pull Up Bar

This is the exact pull up bar that I have in my office doorway. It stays there just about all the time unless I need to shut my office door for for some reason.

Pull Up Assist Bands

This is the exact Pull Up Assist Band that I have. I don’t use it much anymore as I can enough pullups in on my own for a set, but this was an extremely helpful tool in getting me there. If you can’t do a full set of pull ups, then you really should get one of these.