Snap Fitness Rush City, Minnesota

All of my services are available at the Snap Fitness Rush City, Minnesota location.

Note: My fees are in addition to your normal gym membership, but you get these benefits…

  • Meet with me in person for your training/coaching sessions instead of doing virtual sessions over phone, Skype or Facetime for same fee as virtual sessions
  • Meet with me in person at the gym without paying additional fees for me to travel to your location
  • Schedule appointments and work directly with me, but have the benefit of your Snap Fitness membership gym equipment

Personal Training Sessions & Packages

Use the time for pure training sessions and/or mix some fitness coaching/consultation into the sessions. You can also share your sessions with a training partner for an additional $10/session

1 Session $39

3 Sessions $99

6 Session Package $179

Includes Custom Single Workout Routine and tracking sheet to follow between sessions.

12 Session Package $299

Includes Custom Weekly Training Plan and tracking sheet to follow between sessions.

Custom Workouts & Training Plan Packages

Not interested in Personal Training or Fitness Coaching, but could use a customized workout routine or weekly training plan that you can follow on your own? These options are for you…

    • 30 minute assessment
    • Custom routine or plan built by me
    • 1 hour training session so you know how to follow the routine or plan on your own

Single Workout Routine $49

Ideal for someone that prefers a single routine they can follow multiple days per week.

Weekly Training Plan $59

Ideal for someone that would like different workouts throughout the week, whether to have dedicated strength days, separate from cardio or to focus on different parts of the body on different days of the week.

Certifications & Licenses

Personal Trainer – NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Indoor Cycling – NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association)

Cycling Coach – USA Cycling

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