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Pricing subject to change… Purchase multiple months (up to 12) to lock in pricing.

Areas I Can Help

  • General Fitness
  • Fat Loss
  • Cardio Fitness
  • Functional Fitness
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Athletic Performance
  • Beginner to intermediate cycling training

Coaching Packages Include

  • Workout design and planning
  • e-mail, text and phone support as needed
  • Fitness¬†assessment evaluation and monitoring
  • FTP and FTHr evaluation and monitoring
  • Race and event preparation guidance
  • Gear and equipment guidance

Workout Updates

Workouts will typically be built in monthly blocks or build periods and then updated as needed from week to week, typically by midnight Sunday for the upcoming week.

Phone Communication

A 30 minute phone call can be schedule per month to use as you wish.


My preference is to keep most communication to e-mail for anything other than short and quick Q&A. The ideal situation is a single extensive e-mail per week with all questions, concerns, thoughts and notes for the week that I can review all in a single sitting and follow up with all notes once per week. This makes utilization of my time more efficient and my coaching more cost effective and affordable.


Texting is totally fine for quickly needed answers as long as the weekly e-mail and monthly phone call is being utilized for the bulk of it.

Additional information

Package Length (Months)

1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 12 Months