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Custom Exercise & Fitness Plans


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Custom Exercise & Fitness Plan Options

Custom Single Exercise Routine or Workout

Some folks don’t need an entire weekly plan and just need a single routine designed that they can follow on their workout days. This can be a single workout routine or an interval cardio workout, depending on your needs. You might have your cardio dialed, but need a solid exercise routine for non cardio days and vice versa.

Custom Exercise & Fitness Plans

This is for folks that would like a full weekly plan put together that you can follow and progress from week to week. These will consist of a single weekly schedule with workouts and/or cardio days designed around your needs that you can you follow for 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your level of fitness and rate of progression. This is also a good option for folks that need a simple exercise and fitness maintenance schedule to maintain fitness and in that case, I can put something together that you can follow ongoing.

Custom Fitness Plan Process

Process is initiated by you purchasing one of the custom exercise & fitness plan options.

Contact – I’ll contact you within 72 hours of purchase to set up a Phone/Skype/Facetime consultation.

Consultation (Phone/Skype/Facetime) – Discuss your current fitness level, background, metrics, issues, goals and available workout schedule so I can put together an appropriate routine or weekly plan.

Build Custom Fitness Plan – I build your custom fitness plan. Less than 1 week.

Contact – I’ll contact you once your plan is complete to schedule a Coaching & Fitness Plan Instruction Session.

Coaching & Fitness Plan Instruction Session (Phone/Skype/Facetime) – Review your custom fitness plan. Make sure you understand all the exercises, workouts and know how to follow the schedule. These can be done in person at your home, local park, work site etc with additional fee.

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Single Exercise Routine or Workout, Weekly Exercise & Fitness Plan