Custom Mountain Bike Training Plans


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Contact Me before purchasing with a few details about your current fitness/racing status, goals and target race, so that I can make sure what you are asking for is within my capabilities of putting together for your situation. If it is not, I’ll point you toward the right resource or person.

Custom Mountain Bike Training Plan Options

Just like my pre-built plans, my custom plans are built for beginner to intermediate level racers and riders that need to balance training with everyday life.

Custom Weekly Training Plan

Get a solid plan for the week, consisting of the right mix of workouts (strength & bike) to maintain fitness or focus on specific areas such as climbing, FTP or endurance. These weekly plans can also be built as starting points or baselines to progress from during specific phases such as base, build or race taper/peak periods.

These are meant for the person that is not ready to step into Training Peaks and multi week progressive plans for specific races.  These weekly plans can be used for a full training block and then have a new plan put together when you are ready for a new phase of training. Its a great way to sample my custom training planning and coaching without diving into more expensive options.

Weekly plans will be delivered as a single weekly schedule with all workouts in a downloadable pdf.

Custom Multi Week Training Plan

Get a custom training plan to prepare for a specific mountain bike race or to train with specific goals such as increasing FTP, climbing strength or endurance.

These are meant for somebody who wants a specific week to week ramp up plan and starts with blocks of 4 weeks. Each block consists of 3 weeks ramp up and 1 active recovery week. Choose the amount of weeks that you want by 4, 5 – 8, 9 – 12, 13 – 16 weeks, etc…

Multi week plans will be delivered via Training Peaks.

Custom Training Plan Process

Process is initiated by you purchasing one of the custom exercise & fitness plan options.

Contact – I’ll contact you within 72 hours of purchase to set up a Phone/Skype/Facetime consultation.

Consultation (Phone/Skype/Facetime) – Discuss your current fitness level, background, metrics, issues, goals and available workout schedule so I can put together an appropriate routine or weekly plan.

Build Custom Training Plan – I build your custom fitness plan. Less than 1 week.

Contact – I’ll contact you once your plan is complete to schedule a Coaching & Fitness Plan Instruction Session.

Training Plan Instruction Session (Phone/Skype/Facetime) – Review your custom training plan. Make sure you understand all the workouts and know how to follow the schedule. These can be done in person at your home, local park, work site etc with additional fee.

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Single Weekly Plan, 4 Weeks, 5 to 8 Weeks, 9 to 12 Weeks, 13 to 16 Weeks, 17 to 20 Weeks, 21 to 24 Weeks, 25 to 28 Weeks, 29 to 32 Weeks, 33 to 36 Weeks


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