Custom Training Plan




Custom Training Plan Options

These custom training plan options are meant for beginner to intermediate mountain bikers with a specific target event in mind.

12 Week Base

11 Week Build & Peak To Target Event

23 Week Base, Build & Peak To Target Event

1 Year Offseason, Preparation, Base, Build & Peak To Target Event

Custom Training Plan Process

Process is initiated by you purchasing one of the custom training plan options.

Contact – I’ll contact you within 48 hours of purchase to set up a Phone/Skype consultation.

Consultation (Phone/Skype) – Discuss your current fitness level, background, metrics, issues, goals and available workout schedule so I can put together an appropriate training plan.

Build Custom Fitness Plan – I build your custom training plan. Less than 1 week.

Contact – I’ll contact you once your plan is complete to schedule a Coaching & Training Plan Instruction Session.

Coaching & Training Plan Instruction Session (Phone/Skype) – Review your custom fitness plan. Make sure you understand all the exercises, workouts and know how to follow the schedule.

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12 Week Base, 11 Week Build & Peak, 23 Week Base, Build & Peak, 1 Year Offseason, Preparation, Base, Build & Peak


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